Services & Pricing

Dean & Company is proud to be transparent about our pricing, and as such, we offer price quotes at no charge. To give potential clients an idea of where our prices begin:

Tax Return Preparation & Filing

  • Individual tax returns start at $350 for Form 1040
  • Partnership tax returns start at $775
  • Corporate tax returns (“S” or “C”) start at $900
  • Non-profit tax returns start at $650 for Form 990-EZ and $950 for Form 990 or 990-PF
  • FBAR FinCEN Form 114 – starts at $350
  • Annual Federal 1099 filing preparation starts at $225 for up to 5 contractors, plus $15 for each additional contractor
  • Audit assistance and representation – $250/hour
  • Tax consulting and tax planning services are $250/hour
  • Business consulting services are $250/hour

What kinds of things will increase my tax preparation fees?

  • For individual returns, things like: itemized deductions (Schedule A), investment income (Schedule B), capital gains & losses (Schedule D) self-employed income (Schedule C), farm income (Schedule F), rental income (Schedule E), pass-through income (K-1’s), various tax credits, etc.
  • For business returns, the two biggest factors in cost are: 1) the size and complexity of your business, and 2) the organization and accuracy of the financial information provided by you. Other items that increase fees are: depreciation schedules, if a balance sheet is required, if we must calculate or track stock basis, number of members or stockholders, number of states you must file with, having to file K-2’s or K-3’s, etc.

Bookkeeping & Accounting Services

  • Monthly/quarterly bookkeeping services – small businesses start at $225 per month
  • Quarterly review and reconciliations – small businesses start at $600 per quarter
  • Annual review and reconciliations – small businesses start at $1,100 per year
  • Non-profit and church monthly bill-pay and bookkeeping services – starts at $400 per month
  • Church annual internal audit – including internal control analysis starts at $2,000; only doing sample testing starts at $750 (services only available from June 1st to November 30th)

Payroll Services

  • We offer multiple levels of service for payroll; from full service where we run your payroll, file your payroll taxes, and file your payroll forms to after-the-fact payroll where we only file your monthly/quarterly/annual payroll taxes and forms from the payroll you provide us.
  • Payroll fees start at $100 per month

New Business Set Up

  • Articles of Organization (LLC) or Incorporation (Corporation) – $300 *does not include Secretary of State fees*
  • Tax Identification Number – $150
  • S-Corporation Election – starts at $375

If you would like a personalized quote for the service(s) you desire, please call our office at 434-385-5999 and one of our associates will provide you with a list of what we need to create the quote.